Clinic Concept

  • Detailed Diagnosis
  • Specific Treatment
  • Good Communication
  • For a Durable Health!

“Fortis” is a Latin word meaning powerful, strong and durable. It is our aim to prepare and strengthen your body to handle the various challenges of daily living. An approach that is accurate and specific to each individual case is necessary. Only when we understand each specific problem and its causes, we can take the appropriate corrective action. During the first consultation, we spend most of the session performing a comprehensive assessment to develop a detailed diagnosis. Based on what is discovered during the assessment, and based on what your goals are, we develop a specific treatment plan to address specific problems, to strengthen points of weakness and to get you prepared for all the challenges of daily living. To achieve this we need YOU. Your help, your motivation and your desire to improve are essential in making it possible to reach success.

In addition, knowledge and good communication are important components of our concept. Only once you as a Patient understand the cause of your problem and how it affects you, can you support healing in an ideal way. If you are ever uncertain about anything, don’t hesitate to ask. We are here to help!