As physiotherapists, we treat patients suffering from disorders involving the musculoskeletal system. These disorders can have multiple causes or factors. In most cases, pain and limitations are the result. It is our aim to reduce pain and limitations and to restore normal biomechanics, motion and function. To achieve this, Physiotherapy uses different methods such as massage, mobilization, tape and muscle training to influence the body and support healing.

In order to reach these goals, performing a detailed assessment is central to what we do at Physiotherapie Fortis. Only when we accurately determine where the problem and its causes lie, can we take the appropriate corrective action. During the first consultation we spend most of the session performing this assessment. We are determined to work with evidence based methods to achieve our goals quickly and efficiently. In addition, knowledge and good communication are important components of our concept. Only once you as a Patient understand the cause of your problem and how it affects you, can you support healing in an ideal way. If you are ever uncertain about anything, don’t hesitate to ask. We are here to help!

Home exercises

At Physiotherapie Fortis home exercises are an important part of the treatment. Many patients ask how they can contribute to the healing. We will show you how to support therapy while you are at home. Most patients are given a written home exercise program with pictures and explanations. In that way, you will carry out the exercises correctly and be able to assist healing.

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