Strengthening and Stabilization (MTT)

Medical Training

Strengthening and stabilization

Strengthening and Stabilization are important parts of physiotherapy. Often the body is not strong enough for the challenges of daily life. Disorders and pain can be the results which lower quality of life.

At our open and spacious gym, you can regain that strength with our therapeutic strength training equipment.

It is possible to train with little weight at the beginning to keep the strain on the body low. That way you can start training shortly after an accident or surgery. This low impact training gets your rehabilitation going and makes you fit quickly without the danger of injuring yourself again.

Free weights

Training with free weights is aiming towards functionality. We use dumbbells and barbells for this, starting with as little as 0.5kg. This allows starting with little strain on the body. There are almost unlimited possibilities in exercises which can be adapted to your needs. Many of these exercises can also be used as Home exercises.